Graphic Archaeology Group (GAG) is part of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) which is concerned with all aspects of professional archaeological graphics – no matter how the work is originated or disseminated. The roots of GAG lie in the Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors (AAI&S). Formed in 1978, AAI&S was the professional body that represented those practitioners in the UK and abroad. In partnership with IfA (now CIfA), AAI&S administered the Illustration and Survey Special Interest Group (ISSIG) on their behalf until in 2011, the AAI&S voted to merge with the IfA. To mark this, the ISSIG was renamed as GAG.

The primary aim of GAG is to set standards within the profession and to promote these standards within the archaeological world at large. This is done through:

  • Assisting the validation of CIfA members joining from a graphics background.
  • Demonstrating best practice through website, exhibition and publication.
  • Promoting communication with other parts of the wider profession through participation in workshops and conferences.
  • Preparing and promoting standards for graphics work in the Archaeological Community.
  • Identifying and sourcing training for Graphics Archaeologists.

The membership of GAG is drawn from those existing members of the CIfA who have a background or interest in any aspect of Graphics in archaeology. Any members of CIfA can opt to join up to GAG.

Membership is also open to non-members of the CIfA on payment of a £10 annual fee.


Any member of the CIfA can opt to sign up to be a member of GAG and receive our mailings (email bulletins). Further details on how to join CIfA can be found here. As part of the Validation process, archaeologists with a Graphics background can choose to have a portfolio assessment. Further information can be found here. Non-CIfA members can sign up to receive mailings etc. on payment of a £10 annual fee.



GAG regularly organises a session as part of the CIfA annual conference which is usually in April. The GAG AGM sometimes takes place at the conference, but this is announced via email bulletins each year.

Travelling Exhibition

GAG Travelling Exhibition helps promote the work of the group and its members at conferences, museums and open days. The content of the exhibition is drawn from contributions submitted by GAG membership and can be tailored for specific themes. It is usually arranged for the CIfA Conference each year in April, and details on this are sent via email bulletin. If you are interested in hosting the exhibition, or you are a GAG member who would like to submit work for the exhibition, please contact us.


GAG organises occasional workshop events for its members. These have traditionally been in-person and at the CIfA Conference, but in future we are looking to hold more online events. When future events have been finalised, you can find information about them here and via bulletins.


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