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What is Archaeological Illustration & Survey?

Field archaeology is a very visual subject – it is what we see in the soil, in the landscape and in objects that we record and discuss. Archaeological illustration and survey together cover all types of graphic, non-verbal communication. Like other forms of communication, it has a ‘language’ of its own, expressed through the use of accepted conventions, which is a powerful means of expressing ideas. Archaeological illustration and survey are central to recording fieldwork, publishing results, presenting analysis and communicating interpretation. Practitioners must combine skill in technology, understanding of the subject matter and a creative approach to communication through graphic means.

What to expect when starting out

Please click here if you are looking to work as an illustrator or surveyor in archaeology.

Advice from illustrators for colleagues

If you work in archaeology and you will be asking your graphics team, survey team, or freelancers for visual work, you may want to know how to make this a smoother endeavour for everyone involved. We worked with the Digger’s Forum Group to come up with the top 10 things we’d like diggers to know about graphics.
If you are a surveyor and would like to get the word out about particular things for colleagues, please get in touch!

Advice from GAG for CIfA Accreditation

Please click here if you work in graphics and would like to apply to join CIfA or move accrediation grade.

Job Vacancies

We are pleased to offer information on current archaeological illustration and surveying vacancies courtesy of BAJR.
The Jobs Information Service &Training (JIST), is provided by the CIfA at the following address:

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