Newsletter Archive

GAG used to provide newsletters with news about current events and developments and contributions from the membership. This has since changed, and GAG now updates members via email bulletins via CIfA. These will not necessarily be archived here, as some of the information is designed for GAG members only.

The newsletters are available to download as PDFs by selecting the relevant link below.

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Notes for Contributors

The GAG email bulletins are emailed out to GAG members by CIfA central office. If you would like to submit an article or news item, we would gladly receive this.


Due to limitations of space, shorter articles are preferred, usually no more than 2 pages (max. c.1500 words).


Illustrations, photographs and other graphic material should be supplied via email. Please consult the Editor if in doubt about graphics files.

Images in both colour and monochrome are welcome. Please make your files a reasonable size to be embedded in an email, or to send as an attachment.


If you are happy to use Dropbox, please mention this in your initial email to and you will be contacted with further info.